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Bikini Line Blues: How to Get Your Bikini Line on Fleek

Razor bumps? Ingrown hairs? Scarring? These were three issues I used to face on a daily basis with my bikini line. I feel like it is now my duty to share with you my painful, lengthy journey to a hair free, scar free bikini line that has me saying goals.

To give you some background info, I have thick, dark, coarse hair which is great for the hair on my head. As for everywhere else, it requires serious labour to groom and maintain. I used to get the worst ingrown hairs and they would scar terribly. I tried everything from Tend Skin to lemon juice, and whatever other remedies claimed to cure healing.

I started with shaving, moved on to waxing and have just recently finished my tenth laser hair removal session. Let me tell you, we definitely climbed our way up the ladder. Shaving had more cons than pros for me, as it always resulted in a painful post routine with consistent razor burn, bumps and ingrown hairs. Waxing relieved me slightly of these issues but still did not prevent my scarring and I didn’t like the waiting game, with no shaving in between monthly waxes. I love to be hair free. Trust me, if I could laser my entire body I would!

I’m not saying everyone should get laser hair removal, but this procedure has proven to be the most effective solution for me. I used to be embarrassed to wear my itty bitty bikini bottoms solely because of my bikini line, but not anymore!

I’m going to share a little bit about laser hair removal, along with a powerful product that saved my physical appearance down there.

How does laser hair removal differ from waxing?

First things first: there are three stages of hair growth.

  1. Anagen– the active growth phase. At this stage the bottom of the hair follicle (the bulb) is attached to the dermis and its blood supply through the dermal papilla.
  2. Catagen– The transition phase. The hair follicle begins to die and enters the catagen phase
  3. Telogen–  The resting phase. In this phase, the remains of the hair bulb are inactive and the attached hair easily falls out.

Waxing reaches the catagen phase, whereas laser hair removal reaches the telogen phase, where hair is permanently removed. In order to destroy a hair follicle, the bulb of the hair follicle where the blood supplies the hair with oxygen to grow, needs to be destroyed, as well as the stem cells which are responsible for hair regeneration.

Do the results last forever?

Nothing lasts forever – HA! Well the truth is your hormones never remain static. Therefore it’s not 100% guaranteed that laser hair removal will provide permanent results, but the hair growth will be significantly diminished.

Other results…

This is important for me to address because this is where I saw the biggest transformation. It was in my hyper-pigmentation, texture and minimized post care routine. My scarring and discolouration were tragic before laser hair removal, with uneven splotches of darker skin (I have an olive skin tone base, which is why I scarred brown versus red). On that note, I also purchased a skin brightening cream (Illumin Cream) that worked wonders, I was diligent about applying morning and night for a consistent month and a half and saw serious results. I will say it is a bit pricier, but most definitely worth it- purchase here.

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